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Ken Follett

Ken Follett

Ken Follett is the author of fourteen bestselling books, including The Man from St. Petersburg, Lie Down with Lions, and Night Over Water. Among his most recent works are A Place Called Freedom and TheThird Twin. His new book The Hammer of Eden was published in November, 1998, by Crown. He lives in London, England.

Praise for Ken Follett and his bestselling novels:


“Follett is a master.”—Time


“An artist of compelling talents.”—The Philadelphia Inquirer


“Ken Follett can hold his own with the best.”—Indianapolis News


“Masterful….Plot and counterplot, treachery, cunning, and killing…keep you on the edge every moment.”—Associated Press


“Razor-sharp…harrowing…a cleverly crafted, easily read novel.”—The Dallas Times Herald


“Follett’s great strength is his female characters—they are smart, strong, independent, and when they love a man, by golly, he knows the game is up.”—People


“An absolutely terrific thriller, so pulse pounding, so ingenious in its plotting, and so frighteningly realistic that you simply cannot stop reading.”—Publishers Weekly


“Can Follett write….He outclasses his competitors.”—Newsday

Thriller Awards for Thrillermaster

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