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Rosalind Penfold - Author
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Book: Paperback | 235 x 184mm | 176 pages | ISBN 9780143050209 | 23 Sep 2005 | Penguin Canada | Adult

When Rosalind Penfold met Brian, she was swept off her feet. Romantic and exuberant, with four loving children, Brian was everything a woman could possibly want, and Roz fell deeply in love. But soon Roz began to notice troublesome signs that Brian was not what he seemed. A pattern of small lies and petty cruelties emerged which, over the course of their relationship, would encompass a litany of verbal, emotional, sexual, and physical abuse truly appalling in its scope and malevolence.

Often too traumatized and ashamed to admit the true extent of what she was experiencing, Roz instead poured her anguish into a series of graphic diaries. The result is a touching, profoundly shocking, and completely original portrait of domestic abuse.

An extraordinary visual testimony, Dragonslippers presents the many warning signs of abuse and offers a frank examination of the psychology of both abusers and victims. Above all, however, it is the story of a woman who fought for and found the strength to break free.

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"Rosalind Penfold's words and images strike like an arrow deep into the poisoned heart of spousal abuse. Her visual shorthand-raw with flashes of brilliance-portray the relentless betrayals that destroy the victim without also annihilating the reader. Authentic and courageous."
—Sylvia Fraser

"This...wonderful, heartbreaking book is a contemporary classic. A must read for its art, its wit, and its insights into the ways women are duped into betraying themselves for love."
—Susan Swan

"Speaks louder than all the petitions and statistics surrounding abusive relationships … Penfold's story is painfully clear, horribly true, and thankfully triumphant."
—Sally Armstrong

"A mesmerizing tale... Dragonslippers pulled me into the vortex of Rosalind Penfold's experience and didn't let go."
—Judy Rebick

"Dragonslippers will inspire anyone who must face the realities of an abusive relationship... This book will touch the minds and hearts of millions."
—Patricia Evans

Edna Staebler Award: Shortlist 2006