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Elizabeth Abbott - Author
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Book: Paperback | 3 x 3mm | 320 pages | ISBN 9780143017134 | 29 Jan 2008 | Penguin Canada | Adult

Sugar: A Bittersweet History offers a perceptive and provocative investigation of a commodity that most of us savour every day yet know little about. Impressively researched and commandingly written, this thoroughly engaging book follows the history of sugar to the present day. It is a revealing look at how sugar changed the nature of meals, fuelled the Industrial Revolution, generated a brutal new form of slavery, and jumpstarted the fast-food revolution.

"Abbott writes about the history of sugar with a fluid, fierce narrative power and a vengeful intelligence. Her personal stake in the story—via her own recently discovered West Indian heritage—makes the book all the more compelling."
Quill & Quire

""Sugar", like the ground-breaking book, "Cod" by Mark Kerlansky, will live on long after most books of this year have been forgotten."
Sun Times