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David Leach - Author
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Book: Hardcover | 235 x 159mm | 288 pages | ISBN 9780670066292 | 01 Apr 2008 | Viking Canada | Adult

On June 1, 2002, dozens of "weekend warriors" and other after-work athletes set off from Saint John, New Brunswick, for a day of competitive adventure: trail running, mountain biking, and sea kayaking on the legendary Bay of Fundy, home to the world's highest tides. However, as a storm swept across the coast, what had begun as a fun introduction to the fast-growing sport of adventure racing turned into an anxious struggle to survive that ultimately drew two young men together in a fateful encounter. The shocking conclusion to the race continues to reverberate throughout the international community of outdoor adventurers and extreme athletes.

Fatal Tide: When the Race of a Lifetime Goes Wrong dramatizes, in the storytelling style of such non-fiction bestsellers as Into the Wild and The Perfect Storm, precisely what happened at the controversial Fundy Multi-Sport Race. The book transports readers onto the turbulent Bay of Fundy, as competitors fight against the elements and face their deepest fears, while race organizers, Coast Guard crews, and fishermen rush to their rescue. As the tragedy unfolds, Fatal Tide also uncovers the genetics and psychology of risk-taking, the rise of reality-TV guru Mark Burnett, the dark history behind the science of hypothermia, as well as the emotional and legal fallout from the first death of an adventure racer in North America.

Introduction xi
Cast of Characters xv
Map of the Bay of Fundy xix
Prologue: Rising Tide

Part One: The Call to Advenure
one The Island 7
two The Guides 11
three The Runner 18
four The Sport 27
five The Student 38
six The Start 42

Part Two: The Quest
seven The Leaders 53
eight The Bay 60
nine The Capsize 66
ten The Trail's End 74
eleven The Rescuers 82
twelve The Benevolence 93
thirteen The Dread 101

Part Three: The Storm
fourteen The Extreme Gene 113
fifteen The Beach 127
sixteen The Volunteers 132
seventeen The Flood Tide 138
eighteen The Science 142
nineteen The Survivor 150
twenty The Search 156
twenty-one The Wharf 166
twenty-two The Family 174

Part Four: The Reckoning
twenty-three The Wake 181
twenty-four The Controversy 189
twenty-five The Investigation 200
twenty-six The Last Breath 218
twenty-seven The Trials 232
twenty-eight The Aftermath 239
Epilogue: Return to the Bay 249
Notes 253
Bibliography 257

Banff Mountain Book Festival Awards: Honorable Mention 2008
City of Victoria Butler Book Prize: Shortlist 2009