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Exam Copies

To order an examination copy, please mail or fax your request to our Academic Sales representative. Please print your request on university letterhead and include the following information: your name, department, campus address, telephone and fax numbers, the course(s) you're teaching, the expected enrollment, and as much information as possible about the book that interests you. You may also submit your request via e-mail, but please use your departmental e-mail address rather than a home e-mail or Hotmail-type account.


Customer Service inquiries

A Note On Copyright

Because books are affected by copyright law, Penguin in Canada only has rights to sell particular books in the Canadian marketplace. This may mean we do not have rights to sell some books which are sold by Penguin in other parts of the world. To see those titles for which we do have rights to sell in Canada, please browse our online catalogue or contact our academic sales representative for detailed information on titles available from Penguin worldwide and our distribution partners.