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Do you have a passion for reading? Do you share your thoughts by blogging, vlogging or podcasting? If so, Penguin Group (Canada) wants to hear from you. We're recruiting savvy and articulate online book reviewers with an established web audience to dish or dig about our newest books on their personal blogs and websites.

If you qualify, you'll receive free advance reading copies of soon-to-be released books, and be placed in direct contact with Penguin's publicity department. Select bloggers will also have direct access to authors and exclusive industry events.

Please fill out the following questionnaire, so we can determine which titles would be best suited to your interests, expertise and audience. We appreciate your interest in Penguin, its books and authors.


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Website/Blog URL

How long have you been blogging, vlogging or podcasting?

How many blogs do you contribute to at least once per month as a primary author? Please provide URLs.

Approximately how many blog entries do you post in an average week across all blogs to which you contribute?

If you have a specific book-related blog entry you are particularity proud of, please provide the URL for us to review.

On average, how many books do you review in a month?

Do you allow readers to post comments on your blog(s)?
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Do you respond to comments?
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Please provide metrics or performance indicators which illustrate the popularity of your blog(s), including page views, unique visits, visit duration, feed subscriptions, etc.

What book genres or topics are you most interested in reviewing? Check all that apply.

Would you be interested in receiving regular publicity mailings from us?
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